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Sustainability at heart

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is something I'm very interested in and passionate about. I guess it sounds a wee bit cliche in this day and age, when every man and his dog is getting on the "sustainability" train. My my roots run a little deeper. How did it start? I started a ...
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Taking the leap to start your own business.

Guess who’s got two thumbs and has just left their stable, full-time, well-paid job to start their own business? This gal *points to self with thumbs*. That’s right, I’ve done it! I handed in my resignation and I’ve taken a leap of faith into the unknown. The way I see it ...
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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Since starting up my business, so many people have asked me what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, and in all honesty, I even find it hard to explain sometimes! What I do I help small businesses and start-ups with administrative tasks, marketing, and corporate events planning. I have a lifetime worth of ...
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My top five books for modern-day businesswomen

Fiction, or Nonfiction? Which corner do you stand in? I've always been a Fiction reader, enjoying the absolute thrill of being immersed in another world, lapping up the escapism. However recently the coin has flipped, and I'm fully invested in learning. Especially when I'm absorbing information from successful businesswomen. Here are ...
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