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Top 5 Books for modern-day businesswomen headers. F&ck being humble held up

My top five books for modern-day businesswomen

Fiction, or Nonfiction? Which corner do you stand in? I’ve always been a Fiction reader, enjoying the absolute thrill of being immersed in another world, lapping up the escapism. However recently the coin has flipped, and I’m fully invested in learning. Especially when I’m absorbing information from successful businesswomen.

Here are five books that have inspired me. Whether you want to brush up on your PR skills, become the confident business person you know you can be, or want to be inspired by others’ success stories, then I feel these favourites of mine cover those bases in droves. Please add on some of your favourites in the comments too!

Top 5 Books for modern-day businesswomen headers. F&ck being humble held up

F*ck Being Humble by Stefanie Sword-Williams

I listened to the audiobook and immediately bought the physical copy as I knew I needed to scribble all over it with notes, highlighter and post-its. Stefanie’s book really inspires confidence in a world where we’re told that being humble is more rewarding in the long-run instead of speaking-up and being more assertive. I especially loved the part about ‘Class A Clinging’, she writes… “You continue to stay with a company even though you know your boss is a w**ker, your company is completely fixed in its ways and you struggle to find the inspiration to go to work every day” (Sword-Williams, 2020), all about clinging onto a job you don’t actually enjoy, but lack of confidence makes you question everything.

Sound familiar? Purchase here.

The Money Is Coming by Sarah Akwisombe

I’ve been following Sarah’s career for many years now and have always enjoyed her unfiltered, no BS approach to work. An inspiring woman who knows that if you want something to change in your life, you get up off of your arse and you get it done. The Money Is Coming is all about having a more positive mindset when it comes to cash, utilising the powers of the universe and laws of attraction to bring money into your life. You’re probably familiar with the phrase ‘you attract what you give out’, so if you’re being negative, you’re likely to attract negative people into your life and vice versa, the same goes with money.

With some careful guidance from someone who has seen great success themselves, this book is a must-have. Purchase here.

Hype Yourself | A No-nonsense PR Toolkit For Small Businesses by Lucy Werner

So you’ve got a small business and you’re patiently waiting for those ‘call-to-action’ moments to resonate with someone so they click and buy, perhaps you have ‘all the gear, no idea’? Then Lucy’s book will most definitely help! Hype Yourself is an easily digestible book for those who are just starting out with their business promotion and don’t know where to start, or for those that are already familiar but perhaps want to brush-up on some skills and have this handy book to refer to.

It has tips, activities, and checklists to go through as well as highlighting key terms used in the industry. Purchase here.

Out of Office | Ditch The 9-5 And Be Your Own Boss by Fiona Thomas

Ever wanted to be a freelancer, but never sure where to begin? Fiona guides you through the benefits, facts, how to set-up including tax, organising clients, etc. In ‘Out of Office’ you’re investing in a one-stop-shop for freelancers (current or aspiring). The book is packed full of so much information, that I’ve found it easier to pick up and flick through and highlight pieces as and when I need to really hone in on a certain piece of content.

Inspiring and essential for your bookshelf (but keep it close, yeah?). Purchase here.

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon

In many of these books I’ve read, they emphasise not just relying on one income stream, especially when you’re perhaps first starting out as a freelancer. In ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method’ Emma guides you through being a ‘multi-hyphenate’, working more agile, and having various different income streams to make up a salary.

A great book for those just starting out in their freelance career, or those that need a little extra guidance on where to start. Purchase here.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my musings, get in touch and see how I can help your blog or website evolve.

And don’t forget to let me know what books by businesswomen inspire you in the comments below.

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