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A professional assistant, without the overheads.

What’s not to love?

Depending on what you’re after, you’ll find a price point to suit your  requirements without a doubt! I also offer ad-hoc work at a base rate charge of £35ph. These hours are logged and tracked. A minimum booking for 2 hours is requested.

Booking blocks of time saves you money in the long run (and most of my clients regret not buying more hours when they first sign-up with me!). The more you book, the more you save!


To guarantee booking with me for a set block of time, please see my retainers below. Whether you’ve got a project that needs focus for a week, something over a calendar month, or a specific event in the pipeline.

Basic Plan.

10 hours a month

Advanced Plan.

20 hours a month

For Ad-hoc work, my hourly rate is £35ph

Power Hour

A Power Hour is a 1-to-1, 60 minute session via Zoom and priced at £45. These are more in-depth than a discovery call and allows us to focus on one task that really needs attention. Especially great if you have important events to plan!


If you require something a little different, for example a bespoke marketing strategy, social media strategy or talking through a system you’re unsure of please contact me here to explain and we can go from there.

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