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Sustainability at heart

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is something I’m very interested in and passionate about. I guess it sounds a wee bit cliche in this day and age, when every man and his dog is getting on the “sustainability” train. My my roots run a little deeper.

How did it start?

I started a fashion blog in 2013 (then called RubyRedxHeart) before I knew the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry. Then I got myself a bit more clued up, watched a fair few fashion documentaries (if you’re interested, The True Cost is a great place to begin) and from the ashes of RubyxRedxHeart grew ‘Ecowildchild‘ (a bit wild as I’m certainly not perfect, but always striving to do my best).

Leading on…

from my Eco blog, I have worked with LUSH, BBC Sounds, Gurlain, Yesto and others. I’ve written for The Ecologist, and wrote a paper for my Master’s degree back in 2017 that I self-published on my blog site about the guilt free consumption (including social and environmental costs), you can read my post here.

Where are we now?

Before I started Ask Alanna, I very almost started a PhD in Sustainable Marketing and Consumer Buying Behaviours (love that stuff). It’s on the back burner for now, but I’m keen to get my Doctorate in the next few years.

In April, 2021 I completed the University of Cambridge CPD certification in Business Sustainability Management. I love looking back on my notes to reeducate myself, and frequently read marketing books centred around sustainability in the marketing industry (I know, nerd alert!).

What this means for Ask Alanna

For every client I take on, I plant trees via my Earthly account, plus make monthly donations to Earthly to cover my own carbon footprint.

I am part of the Surfers Against Sewage 250 Business Club (you can see my little logo on their website). This membership helps fund the Surfers Against Sewage education programme, beach cleans and campaigns to protect the marine environment, especially from the current plastic pollution crisis.

What this means when you work with me

I really value taking care of each other, and our planet. By working with me I can guarantee you that I take to utmost care in all that I do, treading lightly and participating regularly in CSR activities, some of which include:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint (as mentioned)
  • Charitable Giving, I give regularly too common causes, and put on charity events when I can (the last one was for Love grace in April when we collected 100 bags of goodies for women escaping domestic aduse).
  • Social and environmentally conscious investments (Earthly donations, and supporting social causes when I can)
  • Volunteering in the community (I help out at local homeless shelter events)
  • Campaigning for better labour policies and fair trade always.

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