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What is a virtual assistant? Blog post header

What is a Virtual Assistant?

virtual assistant
`{` vur-choo-uhluh-sis-tuhnt `}`
Noun. a person, as a freelance office assistant, who works remotely in an administrative role.

Since starting up my business, so many people have asked me what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, and in all honesty, I even find it hard to explain sometimes!

What I do

I help small businesses and start-ups with administrative tasks, marketing, and corporate events planning. I have a lifetime worth of experience in administration (I worked in my step-father’s Solicitors office on reception when I was 16), a degree in Digital Marketing (as well as other qualifications and I’m always looking for new courses to refresh my knowledge and give you the best quality service possible), and plenty of freelance experience with names such as BBC Sounds, LUSH (Spring prize), The Ecologist, and PHL to name but a few.

I also have direct experience with fashion retail management, I’ve worked as a sous chef, and I’ve worked in web and communications for a university. So I’ve got a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience. These can all be transferable skills and I’m great at taking ownership of tasks and situations to get the job done.

What I offer

I can help you with many different tasks, which you can find on my services page. I have broken these down into three sections: Administration, Personal Assistance, and Digital Marketing.

Alanna Smith administration services for Ask Alanna


Administration covers things such that an office worker would do on a typical day, such as reports, emails, letters, proofreading, spreadsheets, and minuting meetings.

Personal Assistance

A crossover with administration, but with some personal tasks such as helping with online shopping, birthdays, events organisation/management, researching holidays/booking them for you. Pretty much your wing-woman right here!

Digital Marketing

Marketing in the digital landscape. I offer marketing strategy, Social media marketing, emails, blog posts, UX review of your website and suggestions. I have 8 years of experience in marketing, plus a Master’s degree in the topic, and content marketing experience.

Digital Marketing services


Many VA’s offer bespoke packages, as do I! If there’s a project you have in mind, get in touch for a free 30 minute discovery call. I also offer power hour’s charged at £45, these are more in-depth than a discovery call and allows us to focus on one task that really needs attention. Especially great if you have important events to plan!

So, that’s what a Virtual Assistant is! Get in touch today to see how I can help you and your business thrive!

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